Random Word

going belenas

Each time Jemmaholics catch a sight of Jenny's legs, they all go belenas.

Random Song

Toyfriend by David Guetta w/ Wynter Gordon


About Jemmaproject


[Flashback: words vigorously being typed on a computer screen]
(Libellule, Ep 234, #302) "In reference to @Kirsty post #223, asking "Does anyone else pepper their speech with little german words now?" and because Jemma is all about body language, I was thinking a lot about words today. Neologism from Jemma's world, to be precise. Because each time I read "Emma-ing", "pizza-ballet" or "weenus", I smile from ear to ear. These should officially enter all dictionaries as of now.

I think Emma-ing and pizza-ballet are Heather Hogan-trademarked, so she should be the one to submit them to the WELA (Worldwide Elite Language Academy). We'd propose some others and in no time we could have a full encyclopedia (in 234 tomes).

As everybody here has an inner understanding of what Emma-ing and pizza-ballet mean, we'll skip definitions and examples of use. But what about . . . "
[End Flashback]

And so the Jemma Words Project began.

From the fertile, Jemma-addled minds in Room 234, the Jemma Words Project (JWP) is a collection of words inspired by the images, feelings, and passion for all things of and related to our beloved Jemma (Jenny & Emma) and the Hand aufs Hertz (HaHe) world that they inhabited.

With nothing but stolen time and obsession, Jemmaholics joined together to create a new language that effectively communicates the often indescribable joy that Jemma brings. JWP is truly a global effort! Jemmaholics around the world have contributed to this growing list of neologisms - offering insights, suggestions, humor, and debate.

HaHe and Jemma may have aired their last episode on Septemeber 2, 2011 (or maybe not), but JWP tries to carry on the creativity and to grow in length and depth, like the comment thread on Ep 234. Join the project by using Jemma words in your everyday conversations, submitting a word on this site, or joining the conversation at Jemmaholics Anonymous in Room 234.

A big thank you, as always, goes to who provided Jemma fans with translations and a wonderful venue for discussion about episodes and general Jemmaness. Without their dedication, many of us would be sitting at home talking to ourselves and beating our heads against the wall trying to understand what's being said between the sweet Jemma glances, smiles, kisses, songs, and dances.


This is a list of performed and background music that appeared on Hand aufs Herz. Along with the song title and best known artist, the episodes in which they appeared are also listed. You can browse the expanding list by song title, song artist as well as whether the song was background music or performed by STAG members.

Have fun, browse away, and make your Jemma playlist! Contribute to the list by submitting new songs (eventually), correcting song artists, or adding episodes that the a song appears.