Ganz Spontan


As soon as she uttered, "weenus," a fellow Jemmaholic was quickly revealed amongst the crowd.

97 Jemma Words & counting...

beaben (-ning) v. being annoyingly (and constantly) hesitant. Example: Stop beabenning, you're driving me crazy! Make up your mind already!

bodot n. smurf-shaped hat that one's wears unconditionally. Example: I forgot my bodot at home this morning, and I feel completely hair-exposed.

Beschenkward n. award of awesomeness. Example: And the Beschenkward goes to... Luzi Beschenko!

Beschenko interj. awesome, really cool. Example: That's total Beschenko!

beriam n. Really good female friend (derived from a bird and a So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance winner) who feels like a lovely sister and who will not judge you however poor the choices you could sometimes make. (male) beriam-king Example: She took the decision to pack her things for Australia though her beriam told her she might not find what she was looking for over there.

bododian n. a sensitive male friend who can be trusted to keep secrets, particularly about a Jemma relationship. Example: She hesitated to come out to classmates after her bododian said it might be weeks before people stopped asking stupid questions.

bemich n. person that one shouldn't be in a relationship with as they're clearly not meant for each other; boring couple. Opposite of tizi. Example: There was absolutely no spark between them, nobody could understand why she spent half the school year with him. He was such a bemich.

BJ/AJ adv. abbr. for Before Jemma and After Jemma, calendar used in the entire Jemmaverse to adjust time (where existing) to the profound cataclysmic changes prompted by the birth of Jemma. In non-time areas it is used to match dates nevertheless to for example taking part in the Jemma Coming Out Day telepathically from afar. Example: Thousands and thousands of years BJ, mankind discovered fire by friction of 2 stones or 2 sticks of wood together. AJ, people make fire with their eyes.