Ganz Spontan

Hahelogue (haa-he-log)

Her Hahelogue took place in the auditorium under cover of darkness.

97 Jemma Words & counting...

Caro EichVamp n. bitchiness personified. Example: Caro EichVamp waltzed into the room with a smirk and a plan for humiliation.

carogar n. as opposed to cougar, used to describe somebody attracted by and having sex with, older persons. Example: Sometime when I go out, I have to beat the carogar off with a stick.

Chulo n., pl (-los) (Spanish origin) a flamboyant, dandified or effeminate man. Example: Johnny and Frank, would you chulos like to come over to Chulos to show us your new dance moves?

Caronnie Town n. Hell. Pure, absolute, cataclysmic nightmare. Example: These weeks without new Jemma scenes have been like Caronnie Town.

Caro v. to be slapped in the face by the full force of one Caro EichVamp. This can be both physically (c.f. bitch fights) or verbally. Example: You know when you've been Caroed.

caroke v. to do an IchVamp-joke. Example: She caroked about their murderous teacher and was resoundingly told, "halt die Klappe!" by the entire calculus class.

Caroquetry n. the deed of flirting in a quite IchVampy way. (v. to caroquet) Example: Hotte was totally flustered by Caro's caroquetries. He nearly forgot to breathe or worse to check the web for new knowledge.

corpse under the volleyball field idiom. to have secrets, something to hide, a dark past. (ALT skeleton in the closet) Example: Yes, she once left her girlfriend's sister lying unconscious in a ditch, but there's no reason why people should know her corpse under the volleyball field.