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emmalicious adj. to possess qualities that make Jemmaholics swoon, esp. through infectious smiles, determined looks, and taking the lead. SYM jennylicious Example: I love your emmalicious puppy dog eyes/radiant smile/beautiful voice/warmth/loyalty/best girlfriend status.

Emmado (Emma-do) n. any of Emma's hairdos. Example: My hair stylist, a non-Jemmaholic, couldn't understand my choice of a simple Emmado.

Eichklein n. Friend (derived from a school bitch and her redhead toy*), male or female, whom you think as your best one but who will turn out as considerate for you as a troll, and who will most probably be inclined to encourage suicidal thoughts. (hickey metaphor) something that seems sensual the night before but they desperately try to hide the morning after because it actually looks gross. An Eichklein is a friend like that. ALT Eichkie, Carphie Example: Their friendship was based on manipulation and disdain, as unhealthy as Eichklein.

Emphee n. an award of "sparkle" that you can find in Emma's eyes and smile, in the sense that it spreads joy around. (derived from trophee). Example: She traded in her Beschenkwards for an Emphee.

emmanate v. to pour out high emotions, derived from the philosophical term emanate - to come out of all things out of a higher or divine origin. Example: Emma emmanated so much joy and love through her smile and wonderful melodies, she enchanted everybody's heart.

emmanation n. the process of pouring out high emotions. Example: Filled with pure bliss, her sudden emmanation was both exhilarating and unnerving.

emmaröten v. to blush like Emma. Example: She emmarötens whenever Jenny is near.

emmabeam v. to smile with pure, uncontrollable bliss. (n. emmabeam, adj. emmabeamy) Example: She emmabeamed, and the birds sang in the warm glow of her joy.

emma (-ing) v. to babble nervously, particularly in the face of great beauty; to express extreme angst over seemingly trivial matters in a very quick and sudden manner. Example: It seemed to be a simple question, but she emma-ed about tiramisu and Dieter Bohlen.

emmabliviousness n. (adj. emmablivious) lacking awareness of one's sexual identity. Example: Her emmabliviousness was obvious when she was persistently pursued by a jennylicious girl, but she couldn't understand why.

Emmapparat n. phone used to gain speed in running to stop her girlfriend from leaving. Example: Without her Emmapparat, she would stand no chance to save Jenny.

Emmergy n. the special vibrations someone like Emma brings into the world. Example: She didn't dare to change her plaid shirt because it was charged with Emmergy