Ganz Spontan


She emmarötens whenever Jenny is near.

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glücksen v. (eng. to glücks, -ing) to smile blissfully to the point of chuckling. Example: The kiss was unexpected, yet she glücksed as if her world was suddenly filled with teddy bears dancing on rainbows.

going belenas idiom. same as going bananas but with some palpable sexual tension and desire overtone. Example: Each time Jemmaholics catch a sight of Jenny's legs, they all go belenas.

Göttingy n. little thing with a huge infuriating power, because whose only role is to upset. Can take any form: someone's attitude, a trunk door trying to decapitate you, a delay... Really anything that has a negative vibe to it. Example: When one Göttingy happens after another, it becomes a Göttixy (= Göttingies in a serie).