Ganz Spontan


She took the decision to pack her things for Australia though her beriam told her she might not find what she was looking for over there.

97 Jemma Words & counting...

hotterian n. nice looking fashionable dorky geek. Example: I went to a Necronomicon convention in Köln and the room was full of hotterians.

Hahelogue (haa-he-log) n. To monologue through song. Usu. involves an Aula, ipod, piano or car stereo. Example: Her Hahelogue took place in the auditorium under cover of darkness.

horstheld v. to make a Horst (or jerk) out of oneself whilst trying to be or pretend to be a hero. Example: Whilst horsthelding Hotte took advantage of Emma's friendship and dragged her into a horstheld mess.

hoke v. to make those special unintended jokes Hotterians do. Example: He hoked, "a robot, Dr. Who, and Captain Kirk walked into a bar..." The gang roared in laughter, especially when he showed them the photo of a robot, Dr. Who, and Captain Kirk that he took in a bar in Las Vegas.