Ganz Spontan

Oh My Leggings

Oh My Leggings! Are those sparkle zebra leggings?!

97 Jemma Words & counting...

Luzi adj. totally cool and relaxed about things. Example: My sister was beabenning about which pair of shoes to buy, I was getting annoyed but the shop assistant was completely Luzi and waited patiently for her to decide.

Limo v. meant to be together since childhood but too stubborn to realize that you don't need to walk to love. SYM Tizi Example: It was clear they were Limoed.

Luzi v. to calm someone with absolute coolness. Example: She luzied the tired runaway with keys to her place and a bubble bath.

LSI-Team n. (Locker Scene Investigation) a group of highly trained and dedicated Jemmaholics who investigate every word, glance, smile, kiss, and footstep that occur around the Pestalozzi lockers. Example: After much review, the LSI-Team determined it was indeed an eye roll and not a shifty glance in episode 105.