Ganz Spontan


He named his dog Pepiet because it was his only friend but also because he liked the sound of it; he loved saying "Go fetch, Pepiet!" for example, or "charge, Pepiet, bite his Ronnie arse off!".

97 Jemma Words & counting...

ozghot n. a best male friend (derived from Timo Ozg├╝l and Hotte) who might piss you off a bit at times, but who will always be of great advice nonetheless. (female) ozghot-queen Example: My ozghot and I had this heated conversation the other day about the meaning behind an eyeroll vs an eyeshift.

Oh My Leggings interj. an expression of shock or dismay. Example: Oh My Leggings! Are those sparkle zebra leggings?!

OMJ! interj. (short for Oh My Jemma!) An exclamation of pure Jemma wonder, amazement, and disbelief. Example: OMJ! I can't believe Emma didn't just drag Jenny off to Hamburg there and then!