Ganz Spontan


While waitressing, she saw two girls mumbling behind their menus. "Total JRM!" she thought emmabeamingly as she casually hurried to their table in hopes of hearing one of them order tiramisu.

97 Jemma Words & counting...

ozghot n. a best male friend (derived from Timo Ozg├╝l and Hotte) who might piss you off a bit at times, but who will always be of great advice nonetheless. (female) ozghot-queen Example: My ozghot and I had this heated conversation the other day about the meaning behind an eyeroll vs an eyeshift.

Oh My Leggings interj. an expression of shock or dismay. Example: Oh My Leggings! Are those sparkle zebra leggings?!

OMJ! interj. (short for Oh My Jemma!) An exclamation of pure Jemma wonder, amazement, and disbelief. Example: OMJ! I can't believe Emma didn't just drag Jenny off to Hamburg there and then!