Ganz Spontan


This year's Jemmacon will be better than last. It always is.

97 Jemma Words & counting...

poltergeist ladder n. a very high climbing device that shakes incessantly causing prolonged defying of gravity. Example: To free your girlfriend from a poltergeist ladder, you must turn off the f**king radio.

pepiet n. Good male friend (derived from an overtanned music producer and partner of a So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance winner) "in ozghot becoming", blossoming nice friendship that has all the qualities to become a very grand one. (female) pepiet-queen Example: He named his dog Pepiet because it was his only friend but also because he liked the sound of it; he loved saying "Go fetch, Pepiet!" for example, or "charge, Pepiet, bite his Ronnie arse off!".

pizza-ballet v. to dance to exhaustion while eating a pizza, usually used to combat extreme lovesickness. n. a food-related dance. Example: She pizza-balleted until her feet ached as much as her heart.

piss kiss n. an intense kiss of ultimate love and gratitude. Example: She picked up the urine sample, and only a piss kiss could express the overpowering love that she felt for her at that moment.