Ganz Spontan

Jaeger (J├Ąger) Scale

She gave the episode a Jaeger rating of 4 out 4 on account of it not only having a STAG song, but sweet Jemma moments as well.

97 Jemma Words & counting...

schoolgar n. person having school fetichist relationships, as in, for example, sleeping with a student, sleeping with a teacher, and having sexual desires for a school director. Example: The halls of the Pestalozzi were already lined with broken hearts, yet the schoolgar had her sites on the new beach volleyball coach.

so phie adj. being very weak and not true to oneself or others; very down, thinking of suicide. Example: She felt so phie. With no one to turn to for comfort, not even her own reflection, she climbed the highest scaffolding and waited to be saved.

symmagy n. (conjunction of synergy, Jemma, and Jemmergy) two or more jemmaholics defying time, distance, and langauge to produce Jemmatastic projects both abstract and tangible that would not be obtainable independently. Example: The symmagy was palapable as the JemMonopoly game took shape within hours across eight time zones.